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Tyler Capital Group, LLC

United Kingdom (UK)
Jonathan Buffa
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TylerCap and Leading Alpha direct all front-office search execution for 30 of the largest 100 hedge funds¹.
The Advanced Search Model Solution, is designed to produce significant P&L returns for the hedge fund elite by providing our clients with 24/7 execution and a team approach to all searches supported by advanced proprietary analytical & data mining tools. Our track record, education, discipline, and infiltration capacity are the cornerstones enabling us to lead the search industry. TylerCap's dedication to market intelligence and targeted approach provides clients the top 10% professionals they seek.

We employ a rigorous candidate vetting process by utilizing multiple levels of filtering, including technical analysis and writing assignments. Coming from the hedge fund industry, our professionals have the capability to discern those who sound exceptional, from those who are exceptional. This precise judgment power is the catalyst distinguishing Tyler Capital Group & LeadingAlpha as the leading search unit in today’s complex marketplace.

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